BAIBOR RICE FOOD S.L. is in the business of marketing and exporting different varieties of conventional rice, convinced that a Management System based on the Quality and Safety of its products is the best way to generate and express added value in the services offered to its clients. Hence the dedication shown by the Senior Management of BAIBOR RICE FOOD S.L. to the implementation of a management model compliant with the global IFS Broker standard.

That is the reason behind this Quality and Food Safety Policy, serving as the required reference framework in the development of initiatives for continuous improvement.

The Senior Management of BAIBOR RICE FOOD S.L. are committed in their pursuit of continuous improvement to providing the resources needed so as to implement this Quality and Food Safety Policy and the Quality and Food Safety Management System through which it will be developed.

Senior Management at BAIBOR RICE FOOD S.L. strive to:

– Comply strictly with the requirements established by the Client regarding product safety, quality, legality, processes and specifications.

– Establish continuous improvement as a fundamental working principle, based on preventing inadequate practices rather than correcting after the event.

– Select and approve the very best suppliers of products and services, along with continuous monitoring in order to satisfy the needs registered by our clients, thereby obtaining their satisfaction.

– Refresh personal skills and ensure full functional alignment through human resource management that fosters ethics, training and continuous assessment.

– Implement a corporate policy consistent with sustainable development.

– Comprehensively monitor the environmental performance of our activities and those of our suppliers, through resource optimisation and the employment of environmental best practice.

– Comply with the applicable regulations and standards, in addition to any other requirements to which BAIBOR RICE FOOD S.L. might voluntarily sign up.

– Guarantee the traceability of the products we sell in accordance with Integrated Production standards.

All commitments made by BAIBOR RICE FOOD S.L. to the Quality and Safety Management of the products it distributes are conveyed by means of this Policy to its entire workforce, above all the staff involved, along with any relevant stakeholders.