Wheat pasta

Our pasta food partner is a Spanish company created in 1926  and which over four generations has honed its expertise in making and nurturing full-wheat pasta. Its artisanal origins and the current modernisation of its manufacturing and quality processes ensure high-end products at the national level, always nurturing, selecting and preparing in a laboratory that marries
technology and tradition.

Production: Modern facilities covering 65,000 sq metres, with 15,000 sq metres of built area combining tradition with the most advanced technology in the sector. With a production capacity of 300 tonnes per day, the facilities have a high receiving capability powering a comprehensive traceability control protocol from product origin to table. The factory also boasts six production lines (three short pasta, two long pasta and one speciality line) fitted with the latest technology. The packaging systems are automatic, enabling the sale of over 70 pasta varieties in different presentations and formats.

Production: 300 tn daily


100% durum wheat pasta / NON-GLUTEN FREE


Classic / Vegetable / Egg / Organic / Whole Grain / Organic Whole Grain / Gluten Free


Classic / Vegetable / Egg / Whole Grain / Cuttlefish Premium / Organic / Organic Whole Grain / Gluten Free


Clásico / Vegetales / Al huevo / Ecológica / Ecológica Integral de Spelta


Traditional / Flavoured (pepper and lemon) / Premium (Egg and Spinach)


SaladsSoupsReady mealsTraditional





 IFS Food

 ISO 22000, ISO 14000 (Certificado Medioambiental)

CAAE (Comité Aragonés de Agricultura Ecológica) desde 1994 siendo el mayor productor en España y Portugal.

 Certificación sin gluten por parte de colaboradores especialistas sin trigo