Our chickpea food partner has roots in farming and over 40 years’ experience. The firm was founded with the aim of bringing together agricultural businesses and farmers from across the region with an interest in building an association to protect producers and local crops such as cereals, oilseeds, legumes and chickpeas. The star product and benchmark is the authentic blanco lechoso chickpea with PGI label, certified by the relevant regulatory board.

Production: 1000tn/yearly high quality chickpea

White “Lechoso” chickpea: Ituci variety

50/52 ( 9,5mm)
62/64 (≅ 8mm)

“Pedrosillano” chickpea: Kasin variety

72/74 (≅ 7mm)

Widely regarded as having high organoleptic qualities, our chickpeas boast a pleasant flavour with no foreign tastes, a smooth and buttery texture, a soft, fine skin adhered to the grain and a fine palate.


icono-ensaladas icono-hummusicono-platos-tradicionales
SaladsHummusDiverse traditional dishes



Big Bag25/20Kg5Kg1Kg500g


ISO 9001/2015 Certificate

 Protected Geographical Indication

Quality Label Regulatory Board

Organic version pending