About us

Baibor Rice & Food is a Spanish company specialising in rice, covering every stage of production from sowing to marketing, mainly at the international level.

Baibor Rice & Food has highly extensive and proven experience in rice-growing thanks to knowledge and expertise handed down from generation to generation. Those of us belonging to the latest generation have blended this heritage with our know-how and a universal process of expansion to enable exports beyond our borders.

Our company is also responsible for the export department of one of Europe’s leading rice cooperatives: Coop Arrocera Arrozua S.C.A. Our international marketing operations currently cover our local rice varieties from Isla Mayor, Seville, the leading rice producer in Spain and the second-ranked in Europe, alongside Italy, while also working with other companies and mills in the rice sector.

Because of who we are and how we feel, the challenge we set ourselves when we founded the firm was to create a different business model within the sector, working together with a range of agents, cooperatives and mills nationally and internationally, to take on the role of “market recruiters”. It is our experience and the passion we put into our work that have won us a privileged position in the world of high-quality rice.

Commitment to the environment

Our associate cooperatives and mills are committed to the environment and sustainability, as reflected in food quality and Integrated Production processes, keeping a watchful eye on everything from the seed to the final product packaging. We thereby guarantee 100% traceability of our produce from source to destination. To this end our partners hold certifications such as ISO 14001, BRC, IFS Food as well as the Integrated Production Process.

For our part, at Baibor Rice&Food we demonstrate our commitment to producers and consumers through certification under the IFS Broker standard, overseeing all processes in the food chain.